What’s The Purpose of This Site?

If you’re considering going to college, but don’t know what you want to study, this site will show you how you can take something you’re already good at or interested in and find out how to connect it to the types of courses you can take and careers you can have that build on those same skills. Not everybody will want or need to go to a four-year school, and that’s okay. There are always options.

How Do I Use This Site?

The Alien is your guide, your friend. Follow him through the adventure of choosing an interest from the dashboard, then selecting your favorite hobby from the screen. This will show you possibilities for potential jobs or careers, and includes things like salary ranges, school requirements, possible degrees, and more!

If you find a career that looks interesting, you can select the “Like This Job” feature to save for later. One each job page, you will also be shown similar careers on the right side of the screen.

Once you’re done looking around, you can visit the office where you can find more information about school and career paths.

What If I Don’t See A Hobby That Interests Me?

That’s not a problem! While we can’t list every hobby possible, you have choices of how to find a job. This site provides some ideas on how to look for careers you might not have thought about previously. It’s all about feeling inspired...not scared. After all, the future is so exciting!

You can use the hobby finder dashboard, take a survey, or fill out some Alien Lab Libs, or even watch some fun alien videos! We encourage you to try a couple different hobbies and see what the results are. Of course, if you want to look through a big list of careers, you can do so here.

What If I Don’t Want A “Normal” Job?

What’s normal to you – may seem crazy to someone else. Don’t worry about how you label your future today, now is the time to explore ideas and get inspired!

If you want something less traditional, go for it. There’s nothing stopping you from running International Operations for your favorite company, or becoming a sky diving instructor or inventing the next Facebook. Our advice: Find your hobby and learn all you possibly can about it. Why do you like it? Why are you good at it? The more you learn, the more ways you’ll see you can make a living doing what you love.

I Want To Own My Own Business - So I Don’t Need To Go To College, Right?

Well, that depends. Entrepreneurs and small business owners make up the majority of the labor force throughout the nation. But, a huge majority of new businesses fail.

This isn’t to say that a college education will guarantee you success in a business venture, but if you focus on business-oriented coursework, you’ll better understand the basics of business before you jump into the success spaceship. Courses in accounting, business law, management and leadership and marketing all work to the benefit of realizing a successful business.

Where Does The Data Come From?

My Scary World uses powerful career data from ONET. The surveys and Alien Lab Libs use personality type associations based on the Kiersey Types, using the Holland Codes for classification.

What do I do next?

The office has lots of other good information for you to explore. Check out other websites such as WE NEED TO FILL THIS IN FROM OFFICE ICONS that can also give you good information on how to plan for college, what high school course you might want to consider, how to talk to your counselor and where to get career advice.

You’ll also want to get in touch with your parents and teacher to review your career profile. This report can help you see what types of jobs you looked at most.